A recent development regarding new admissions to the PIMSAT

The PIMSAT has been established in Karachi under the Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology Ordinance, 2001. Admittedly, this Ordinance does not allow establishment of any campus of PIMSAT but HEC has failed to prove that PIMSAT Karachi has violated any policy or guidelines of HEC to run the Institution at Karachi but in the garb of illegal establishment of the Lahore campus of PIMSAT, it has given caution on its website ie. banning of new admission by PIMSAT” at Karachi which is not justified.

In view of the preceding para, the case is referred to the Chairman, HEC in terms of Regulation 23 (1)(z) of the Wafaqi Mohtasib (Investigation and Disposal of Complaints) Regulations, 2013, to initiate the process of visiting the premises of PIMSAT at Karachi followed by allowing new admission to the students subject to fulfilling the required codal formalities by the latter.
For more details:
Maladministration in refusal to allow admissions in PIMSAT by HEC