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Bachelor of Business Administration



Students who enroll in this degree will be educated and trained in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Information, allowing them to become effective members of any company organization’s Technology. This is a broad-based, four-year degree program intended particularly to prepare students to deal with an ever-changing corporate environment. Interactive class discussions, case studies, article presentations, projects, reports, industrial tours, seminars, workshops, and guest speakers are examples of teaching approaches. Students can gain real-world business experience through mandatory internships. As a result, the students will graduate as well-rounded individuals who have gained expertise not just in the complexities of the corporate world but also in the realities of life.
National / International Model being follows if any (In case of New Program)


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM111Functional English3 
CSC111Introduction to Computer Science3 
HUM112Personal Development3 
BUS111Fundamentals of Management3 
CSC104Introduction to Maths(CO1)3 


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM121Academic & Professional Writing3 
 Islamiat Studies2 
 Pakistan Studies2 
HUM233Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking3 
BUS121Micro Economics3 
BUS122Fundamentals of Marketing3 
MSA361Introduction to Statics (CO2)3 


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM231Communication Skills3 
HUM232Ethics and Social Responsibility3 
SSC231World History3 
BUS231Financial Accounting Principles3 
 Common Optional 33 
 Common Optional 43 


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM113Introduction to Sociology3 
HUM241World Literature3 
BUS241Introduction to
BUS242Macro Economics3 
 Common Optional 53 
 Common Optional 63 


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS351Cost Accounting3None
BUS352Principles of Finance3 
BUS353Organizational Behavior3 
BUS354Business Statistics3 
 Common Optional 73 
 Common Optional 83 


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS361Management Accounting3 
BUS362Research Methods and
BUS363Operations Management3 
BUS364Business Analytics3 
BUS365Human Resource Theory and Practice3 
BUS366Marketing Planning & Applications3Fundamentals of Marketing


Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS471Research Project I3Research Methods & Skills
BUS472Financial Management &
3Principles of Finance
BUS473Supply Chain Management3Operations Management
BUS474Islamic Banking and
3Principles of Finance
BUS475Managing the Entreprenuerial Venture3Intro to Entreprenuership


CodeCourse titleCrHrPre-Requisite
BUS481Research Project II3RPI-I
BUS482Business Law and Taxation3HR Theory& Practice
BUS483Organizational Theory & Design3HR Theory& Practice
BUS484Consumer Behaviour3Marketing Planning & Applications
BUS485International Business3HR Theory& Practice


Objectives of the BBA program

  • To create BBA graduates with strong business acumen.
  • To Encourage young people to think critically about the challenges facing the corporate world and consider a career in management.
  • To foster analytical thinking about practical business problems and their answers.
  • To prepare students for the dynamic global business scene by providing them with an international perspective on business in Pakistan.
  • To Improve the proportion of successful businesspeople who also care deeply about doing good in the world.