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B.E Civil Engineering



PIMSAT is a student-oriented, multi-faceted research institute. The department of Civil Engineering consists of a group of students and faculties who are dedicated to work together to build a sustainable future through the development of civil infrastructure in the country. and the betterment of a global environment. We have a faculty who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate teaching and are at the fore front of engineering research. Being in the Provincial’s Capital, we have, also in our faculty a group of world-class professional experts in different areas of civil engineering who also bring practice in to the classroom. These faculty members are graduates of prime institutions in Pakistan and abroad. The department of Civil Engineering is equipped with latest State-of-the-Art laboratories, providing training in the fields of Material Testing Engineering Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying & Fluid Mechanics. The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide human services in a sustainable way and a balance education to students, strong and scientific, engineering, humanistic, and social bases, so that they may attain a leadership role in their profession and balance the society’s needs for long-term infrastructure and environmental health. The program has its main focus on teaching the students on how to use their knowledge and skills for the enhancement and betterment of human welfare and the existing environment.

National / International Model being follows if any (In case of New Program)
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE 103 Civil Engineering Materials 2+1
EM 102 Basic Electro-Mechanical Engineering 2+1
CE 105 Engineering Drawing 2+2
MA 104 Applied Calculus / Math’s-I 3+0
CE 149 Introduction to Computer Programming 1+1
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE 101 Engineering Surveying 2+2
HU 120 Functional English 3+0
SS 101 IsIamiat& Pak-Studies 3+0
CE 102 Engineering Mechanics 3+1
MA 105 Differential Equation /Math’s-II 3+0
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MinE270 Engineering Geology 3+0
CE205 Civil Engg.Drawing& Graphics 1+2
CE201 Advanced Engineering Surveying 2+1
CE212 Mechanics of Solids-I 2+1
HU123 Mathematics-III 3+0
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE206 Quantity Surveying & Estimation 2+1
CE312 Structural Analysis I 3+0
CE221 Solid Mechanics 3+1
MA230 Numerical Analysis / Math’s-IV 3+0
CE231 Fluid Mechanics 3+0
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE331 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3+1
CE321 Geotechnical & Foundation Eggs. 3+1
CE204 Construction Engineering & Management 3+1
CE311 Structural Analysis –II 3+0
CE313 Steel Structures 3+0
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE202 Architecture & Town Planning 3+0
CE314 Plain & Rein forced Concrete-I 3+1
CE421 Transportation Engineering 3+1
CE332 Hydrology & Water Resources Management 3+1
CE312 Mechanics of Solids-II 3+1
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE341 Environmental Engineering –I 2+1
CE411 Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II 3+1
CE205 Highway & Traffic Engineering 3+1
CE207 Engineering Economics 2+0
HU122 Technical Report Writing &Pres.Skills 0+1
CE499 Civil Engineering Project 0+3
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
CE441 Environmental Engineering –II 2+0
CE424 Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering 3+1
CE422 Design of Structures 3+0
CE499 Civil Engineering Project 0+3


The department of Civil Engineering at PIMSAT is aiming for its International Alliances? with reputable institutions around the globe, and also plans to start Doctoral programs in Civil Engineering.


As the technological revolution expands and the world’s. population increases, and an environmental concern mount, Civil Engineering skills will be needed through out the world. Whatever area is chosen. be It design, construction, research, planning, teaching or management, civil engineering offers a wide range of career choices, and there’s no limit to the personal satisfaction an individual will feel from helping to make our world a better place to live.

Program Objective

The PIMSAT’S Civil Engineering program will produce graduates having the choice, talents.& knowledge To pursue a diverse range of careers as engineering consultants,& entrepreneurs, to continue their education in leading graduate programs in engineering & interdisciplinary areas to emerge as researchers, experts, & educators, to re-learn & innovate in ever-changing global economic & technological environments of the 21st Century, to lead their professional disciplines, organizations, & communities around the world.