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B.E Electrical Engineering



PIMSAT is a student-oriented, multi-faceted research institute. The department of Electrical Engineering consists of a group of students and faculties who are dedicated to work together to build a sustainable future through the development of Electrical Engineering in the country. We have a faculty who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate to graduate level of teaching and are the forefront of the engineering research. These faculty members are graduates of prime institutions in Pakistan and abroad. The department offers B.E Degree program in the field of Electrical Engineering.

8 Semester 4 Years Degree Program 136 Credit Hours
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
HU 101 IsIamic Studies 2+0
MA 101 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3+0
CE 101 Engineering Drawing 0+1
ME 101 Engineering Mechanics 3+1
EE 101 Linear Circuit Analysis 3+1
CS 104 Introduction to Computing 1+1
Total 16
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
HU102 Communication Skills -1 2+0
MA 102 Differential Equations 3+0
ME 102 Work shop Practice 0+1
PH 101 Applied Physics 3+1
EE 111 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3+1
EE 112 Electrical Network Analysis 3+1
Total 18
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
EE201 Instrumentation & Measurements 3+1
CS201 Programming Fundamentals 2+1
MA201 Complex Variable & Transform 3+0
HU201 Social Studies 3+0
EE211 Digital Logic Design 3+1
HU202 Communications Skills-II 1+0
Total 18
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
HU202 Pak Studies 2+0
CS203 Data Structures & Algorithms 3+1
EE202 Electrical Machines 3+1
MA202 Multivariable Calcus 3+0
EE203 Signals & Systems 3+1
Total 17
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
EE341 Linear Control System 3+1
EE311 Electronic Circuit Design 3+1
EE311 Microprocessor System 3+1
EE322 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3+0
MA301 Probability Methods in Engineering 3+0
Total 18
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MA302 Numercial Analysis 3+0
EE351 Power Distribution & Utilization 3+1
EE321 Communication Systems 3+1
EE322 Digital Signal Processing 3+1
MS301 Engineering Economics & Management 3+0
Total 18
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
EE4 Elective 1 3+1
EE4 Elective 2 3+1
EE4 Elective 3 3+0
HU401 Technical Writing 3+0
EA4XX Senior Design Project-I 3+0
Total 17
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
EE4XX Elective 4 3+1
EE4XX Elective 5 3+1
EE4XX Senior Design Project-II 3+0
MS401 Entrepreneurship 3+0
Total 18
Course codeCourse TitlePre Requisite
EE450Advance Electrical Machine DesignEE202
EE450Power ElectronicsEE311
EE452Power GenerationEE351
EE453Electrical Power TransmissionEE351
EE454High Voltage EngineeringEE351
EE455Power System AnalysisEE351,455
EE456Renewable Energy System 
EE457Power System ProtectionEE351,455
EE458Power System Stability & ControlEE351
EE459Power System OperationEE455
EE460Power System Quality 
EE461Power System TransientsEE112


The objective of the undergraduate program is Electrical Engineering at PIMSAT is to produce graduates who will attain careers and higher education that ultimately lead to leadership roles in academia, industry and government in areas of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology related to telecommunications, power systems and electronics. The program prepares it students for graduate study, entrepreneurial careers or research & development work in government or industrial laboratories. lt inspires them to undertake careers and professional practices that provide an opportunity to address the pressing technological needs of society. It accomplishes this by building on the core curriculum to provide a broad and rigorous exposure to the fundamentals (e.g. mathematics, science and principles of engineering) of Electrical Engineering. The program strives to maintain a balance between classroom lectures and laboratories & design experience, and emphasizes the problem formulation, system-design, and solving skills that are essential to any engineering discipline. The program also strives to develop in each student, self-reliance, creativity, teamwork ability, professional ethics, communication skills, and an appreciation of the importance of contemporary issues and life long intellectual growth. For interested students they are opportunities to conduct research with faculty members.